Homage to the Anal Hook

…. if you have not been there then you are missing out….

Spread out. Hooked and waiting
Hooked and handcuffed – Leaning against the wall. Waiting.
Tied up. The hook ever present…not much you can do girl, but wait
Hooked over
Hooked so that she can only stand tall
Hooking herself for her own pleasure

Nothing lasts forever…

Hi faithful reader

Through the many years I have had this blog, I have fully enjoyed all the interactions I have had with you both here on the site through many comments and emails, and for the select few, in real life.

Now the time has come for me to move on to other things.

I will continue to post occasionally and I will keep the site online until March ’21 at which time the site will retire.
My best to all of you with a very big thank you 🖤 for all we have shared together.

Best of luck out there

Kindest regards

First lesson

When you are in my presence you stand up straight with your hands behind your back,
one hand holding the other’s wrist, and with your eyes staring down at the floor.
And above all: “Don’t speak, move or make a sound unless I tell you to”