We are open for suggestions Master :)



3 thoughts on “We are open for suggestions Master :)

  1. loveletter92 2. March 2015 / 05:39

    No you’re ok I understand you for sure. Well I can agree the ending was upsetting. Also I took this movie as the gateway and starting point to introducing D/S relationship to the world in a sense. However, I feel that people may get the wrong idea. People who are doms don’t always have something in their past that brought them into this lifestyle. Also the fact that he asked for consent and even a written contract was awesome. I love the fact they stressed it but she never signed it anyways so it was a great idea but died out when she never signed it. Didn’t mean to ruin too much of the movie for ya but I was also VERY hesitant to watch it. However, it was very interesting indeed.

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  2. Master of Empathy 2. March 2015 / 04:17

    Dear Loveletter92

    I am divided on the issue of 50 Shades.. as are the rest of the world

    I found the books to be a very well written story, but not necessarily portraying what I believe is D/s at least not to its full extent.
    In term of a D/s relation ship we leave the couple just as it would have been interesting to tap into their life as a D/s couple, and for my part the ending was a bit of a disapointment because of that.
    When I reflect on the story I found it to be more of a journey that was supposed to bring Christian out of his issues with his past an into a more balanced way of performing D/s.
    He ends up with being almost normal where he started the book with being very emotionally detached.

    I have not seen the movie yet and I am at the moment not expecting to.

    My native language i danish so please forgive my spelling and grammar and the fact that it is 4.13 am in my country 🙂

    My best to you
    Master of Empathy


  3. loveletter92 1. March 2015 / 23:51

    Whats your view on 50 shades of grey?


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