Pay homage to your submissive partner

My favorite quote of the week.
I read a blogpost by another dominant man who call’s him selv Tall, dark and Dominant and I agree completely with him.
Her I give you the core of his blogpost, for those of you who want to read the rest here is a link to the original blogpost

“So lets take the time to acknowledge the gift of the submissive – their body and their soul. Do you know how you can live through a day but not really stop to think about what that means? Have you ever looked at your living room while sitting in it and thought: Here I am, alive, lucky, in this place I love? We take things for granted. There’s no shame in it, we all do it. But when your submissive is standing or kneeling before you, remind yourself of what it has meant for them to take that step and thank them. Because his/her submission is truly a gift and just so happens to be one of the greatest gifts of all.”


Master of Empathy

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