I am . . .

I am Master

not because I shout orders and fight
but because I do not have to shout and I only fight as a last resort

I am Master

not because my name starts with a capital
but because I know my strengths and also my weakness

I am Master

not because someone calls me . . . Master
but because I have overcome and now mastered my inner self

I am Master

not because I have more experience or know more than you
but because I will listen to you, welcome your contribution to us and share what I know

I am Master

not because I demand blind obedience when I call for it
but because when my submissive gives me her self totally,
I am brought to my knees with the weight of her gift and it’s responsability

I am Master

not because I see my self as particularly special
but because I have been given a gift that not many ever recieve

– the surrender of a submissive’s heart and soul in total trust


6 thoughts on “I am . . .

  1. Shalom 14. juni 2015 / 17:55

    Reblogged this on Close To His Edge and commented:
    You have my heart, body and soul 💜


  2. Annie B 14. juni 2015 / 14:33



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