Before they meet thDeny for the first timeeir Master for the first time they look so curious and innocent in their ignorace.

Their eyes get a different gentle glow when the full extent of their training is known to them and they fully comprehend and embrace the full extent of their inner self

The best look though, come when you deny them something they really want for the first time.

… but then you say: “Earn it!!” and the smile return as the fun begins


A new beginning

This summer have been difficult.

I have experienced much in the last year and not all good. Lately with too much to do in a new home that have been a long way in the making and is still not finished. 8-10 weeks and it will be.

The aftermath of a divorce is never easy and in the wake of that, others have decided to cut their losses and leave. Some of those wounds have cut so deep that they will never heal and you have to manufacture your own special kind of bandage to keep the blood from pouring out of that wound.

I feel stronger though and have found the old stamina of my mental health. I have endured all the lows and have come back around stronger and are now ready to give back to those who stood by me.

They know who they are, because they stayed. They know because they are the ones who bothered to ask when they didn’t understand. They took the good with the bad and where not afraid to wait for me to come around. They are the ones who believed in me and decided to give a little more than was needed because they wanted and needed to see me through this. One of them even said to me:

“I give you love now despite the fact that you don’t deserve it because it is now you need it”
Easy to explain why it was damn difficult not to cry in public for the first time in my life.

To all of you who follow the site I will say that I am grateful for all your comments and likes.
To be able to express what I have inside visually and verbally and recieve your recognition for it’s complexity and beauty is a high for me.

I will start posting again in a couple of weeks.
Love U all

Regards MoE