Happy 2017 – I hope

As the final hours of 2016 close in on me,  a movie of the events of the year is running on repeat before my inner eyes

Loosing the last one of my parents, my father, to cancer after 10 months of fighting was a blow. When you realise that you have lost both of the two people that have always had your back you realise that as they were your last line of defence and guardians,  you are now the one who has to pick up the mantle and  be defender and guadian to the ones that look to you for support and guidance: your children of cause, your  lover, your friends and what is left of a small family.
I am now the last line of defence and guardian to others and my promise to myself and them is that I will do a better job than the ones I have learned so little from due to absence (father) and an all too premature death in her early thirties (mother)

If we can not improve we stagnate and I will never be content with standing still.

Happy 2017, I hope 🙂
Regards MoE

2 thoughts on “Happy 2017 – I hope

  1. Master of Empathy 2. January 2017 / 19:50

    Thankyou very much Wild Cat
    I know if I keep her locked up she will wither and die and it his her free spirit I love so I will let her sing and dance and roam freely – or else it would not be her


  2. little one 1. January 2017 / 02:50

    MoE, i fully embrace that definition of love for another, too. Wishing you both a very happy new year filled with oodles of love! 💜

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