When a Master fails…

Always remember if you take your eye off the ball, then you can be sure it is out of play before you know it.

Same thing goes for your play relationships. The minute you feel confident that you know the road ahead for your submissive to reach the ultimate high in your relation something can happen that she hasn’t told you about, or something you had no way of anticipating.

A Master is not always granted all the knowledge he needs from his sub, the knowledge that can make him see the right way to move foreward for her at all time. Most of the time he moves foreward on instinct and listens to her reactions on every level they communicate. Still sometimes her personality can prevent her from acting  in her own best interest and discourage her from comunicating her inner needs. That can potentially kill a Masters influence because he  relies heavily on being able to read her needs through their communication.

So when something happens between them that causes a breakup due to her not getting what she needs and the Master was not able to see it, the only thing he can do is to try to understand her through open communication, and seek to remedy the mistakes he made. Since he is the guardian of the relationship it is his responsability to meet her where she is, understand the new road and goals she sees for herself and do his best to guide her towards the new goals.

Every Master I have been in contact with has made mistakes in the communication at some point. The way to measure the skills of a good Master and dominant is therefore not if he makes mistakes or not, but by looking at the efford he puts in to make things right when something goes wrong. Does he surrender or does he fight to gain her trust and commitment again on her new terms.

If he fights,  you can be happy and prepare your self to surrender again, understood that the trust is rebuild and the goals reset properly to both content, because the only thing on his mind is making sure you reach your goals and reach them with full content.

Silencing your mind is always his top priority at all times – so the thougt of you surrendering to the noise in your head that is the misery caused by his mistake is not an option for him.

The best of Masters will set things right again or die trying.

Failure for the Master is not and option, and success for the submissive is a choice.


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