Reasons for loving men with experience

  1. We’re more confident and experienced.
  2. We know how to wear a suit.
  3. We know what we’re looking for in a woman.
  4. A sense of style and appearance.
  5. Most own homes and have long-standing careers.
  6. Self-knowledge, Self-awareness.
  7. Sex, we take our time, focusing on our partner.
  8. Mature, wise in our decisions.
  9. We’re interested in you for you, not what someone wants you to be.
  10. We love to spend our vacation with our partners

2 thoughts on “Reasons for loving men with experience

  1. kalypso10 21. January 2017 / 06:29

    Exxactly!! Although I would add: Older men understand a woman’s body…and know how to make it respond most deliciously.

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    • Master of Empathy 21. January 2017 / 11:09

      Precisely and the power that comes with thar understanding is beyond meadure 🙂

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