Total surrender required


17 thoughts on “Total surrender required

  1. Master of Empathy 30. September 2017 / 00:59

    Feel free to test my trustworthyness to the point where you feel safe πŸ˜‰ continuing this conversation on mail …..

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  2. formerly Daddy's kitten 30. September 2017 / 00:54

    Oh Sir!
    i am over the moon delighted that i could make you smile even it was from my fluffy headed moment πŸ™‚
    i already sent you an email Sir…i can explain more there but nothing with me is off limits.. i am a very open girl if i feel a connection enough to trust.

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  3. Master of Empathy 30. September 2017 / 00:49

    Dear Kitten
    I am starting to enjoy this conversation very much. πŸ˜‰

    Well too bad that you lost context in that sentence. I was looking foreward to being educated on a link I wasn’t aware of.
    Never mind Kitten, If what you wanted to say was important then it will come back to you. Apology accepted 😎 I share you thoughts on pricacy and being direct as entities that go well hand in hand.
    You forced a big smile on my face when you indicated to me that it would be better if you handed the keyboard to your brain instead of your hands since the connection between the two suffer from a bad case of latency

    Seriously, why has it been awhile since you have written?
    I noticed that some of your later blogposts are far apart whereas your blogposts from april, may, and june were pouring out of your fingers.
    Is this related to your breakup?
    If I get to close then just stop me or change the subject.
    If this is to private, the again please continue by email – your choice.
    Where in the world are you situated. I live in Europe and my timezone is +2, and that makes it close to my bedtime. What time is it where you are?

    Kindest regards


  4. formerly Daddy's kitten 30. September 2017 / 00:17

    there seems an entire thought was missing from my response.. and now i have lost what i needed to say. maybe i was so flustered from your interest in talking to me! πŸ˜‰ certainly privacy and being direct blend. they actually go hand in hand in my world. i am sorry for the confusion..
    it has been awhile since i have written i must have typed faster than my thoughts..


  5. Master of Empathy 29. September 2017 / 23:46

    I am curious as to why you have come to the conclusion that being private not always blend well with being direct. I would be grateful if you have personal examples that could make me see you point of view on this.
    Thank you for labeling me as β€˜refreshing’. I like πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


  6. formerly Daddy's kitten 29. September 2017 / 23:37

    that made me giggle thank you Sir. And being private i like equally to being direct, sometimes those two do not always blend.
    i have to say that you are very funny and that is refreshing.
    – smiley kitty πŸ™‚

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  7. Master of Empathy 29. September 2017 / 23:31

    My dearest Kitten I was grinning right back with my reply. Honesty, ven wrapped in a little humor, is a virtue I treasure so thank you for being honest and direct.
    I gave you my email address to you in case you prefer to keep the conversation private. In the comments section of the site everything is public, by giving you my email you can choose to continue the conversation on your terms – what ever gives you the best balance of feeling safe and free to speak your mind

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  8. formerly Daddy's kitten 29. September 2017 / 23:22

    yes Sir, i do understand, no presumption here. i was joking a little and i meant no disrespect at all. it was said with a grin i can assure you.
    is your email the preferred way to have our virtual conversation?


  9. Master of Empathy 29. September 2017 / 22:54

    My pleasure Kitten.
    Being direct and precise when the participants in the conversation are not well aquainted is by far preferred by me. In my experience, it furthers the conversation and even though the identity is not known to the participants this stil inspires a certain level of respect and trust that resembles intimacy of a sort.
    This is good fuel in productive conversations on sensitive topics.
    I think of myself as MoE. As an informal acronym for Master of Emapthy it should, in my humble opinion, be suitable, but since it does not sit well on your tongue and courtesy is an utmost priority, I would like you call me Sir,
    Please think of this request as courtesy and not as an presumptuous attempt to get you to address me as your dominant

    Kindest regards Sir

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  10. formerly Daddy's kitten 29. September 2017 / 22:10

    thank you.. i was raised proper and courtesy is an utmost priority..
    it would certainly be my pleasure to share virtual company with You.. how You write is captivating. i already want more. shame on me for being so direct but i do know what intrigues and delights me. indulge i will indeed.
    Best, kitten
    but how shall i address you please? MoE does not slide off my tongue so easily.. πŸ™‚


  11. Master of Empathy 29. September 2017 / 21:40

    Please do and may I say that it is a pleasure to write with someone as mindful of the lost art of common courtesy as you are. If you are always this eager to please then it will be my pleasure to share your virtual company in a fruitful conversation
    Indulge away sweet Kitten

    Kind regards

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  12. formerly Daddy's kitten 29. September 2017 / 21:31

    i will indulge then.. thank You. and i will without a doubt have a need to write You again. -kitten πŸ˜‰

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  13. Master of Empathy 29. September 2017 / 21:23

    Thank you for your kind words of appraisal. No need to ration your desire to peek though. Take your time and enjoy every bit of it, and should you feel the need to ask me anything you desire I am at your disposal, so feel free to write again Kitten
    Kind regards

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  14. formerly Daddy's kitten 29. September 2017 / 21:15

    You are very so happy you replied… most of the photos i saw were breathtaking. i was trying to ration my peeks at your page. πŸ˜‰


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