About MoE

Welcome to my blog

I am a dominant man practicing dominance, sensation play, discipline and bondage

My purpose with this blog is to show my perspective on Dominance and Submission D/s for short, and try to pass on my perception of BDSM through the images and texts I post.

I primarily use Pictures in Black and white because I find that they portray what I want to say more precisely mostly because the viewer is not mislead by a focus on colors (we all have so many brain filters when it comes to colors) and I deliberately wanted the viewer to focus on the composition and how the situation portrayed is speaking to the viewer.
The Images all exemplify situations I have been in or situations I truly care for and as such they are all an integral part of my ever evolving sexuality

I should mention to the reader that all images found on the site is not my own. They all originate from Google Searches, Tumblr, Pinterest or other sites that share images with the world.
If you see an image that is copyrighted I would greatly appreciate if you would write me and tell me so that I can pay tribute to the original photographer or if he or she whishes it I will of course remove the image from the site if requested.

The texts I put as links on the menu in the top of the site are all my personal takes and views upon the world in which I practice BDSM
I do not claim to be an expert in any field or area within BDSM and I have no intention of imposing anything on anyone.
My words should be regarded as nothing other that inspiration.

If you find inspiration in anything I say you are very welcome to take that inspiration with you. If I offend you in any way with my writing and/or my views on BDSM you are also welcome to take that with you and leave the blog in pursuit after other things on the wide internet that interest you more.
Either way I wish you the best and a long and prosperous life and if you chose to stay on the site I hope you find the inspiration you crave 🙂

Master of Empathy



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